Experienced Military Defense Attorney Serving Georgia And The Southeast

Based in Evans, Georgia, the law firm of William E. Cassara, PC, is 100 percent dedicated to representing troops in matters of military law. We only handle military law matters, and we are always on your side - not on the side of the military. We are conveniently located next to a number of military bases.

Our firm represents troops throughout Georgia and the Southeast who face court-martial or administrative separation from the military, as well as many other military law matters, including court-martial appeals, records correction and discharge upgrades.

Working Hard For Your Defense In Military Law Matters

You probably know just how serious the matters you face are, but you may be hesitant to contact an attorney. Many people who are in trouble with the military often wait to contact a lawyer of their own. Sometimes they believe that they can handle matters themselves, or that the military will "take care of them." Other times, they worry that they will get into trouble for seeking legal counsel.

If you are in trouble, the best course of action is to talk with us. We will not notify the military that you contacted us for a free initial consultation, and we will fight hard for you from the moment you hire us. Using more than 25 years of experience, we will guide you through the matters you face, helping you make the right choices about your case.

This is true no matter where you are stationed in Georgia and in the Southeast. Our firm represents troops in places such as:

  • Fort Benning, Georgia, home of the US Army Infantry and Armor Commands
  • Fort Stewart, Georgia, home of the 3rd ID
  • Fort Gordon, Georgia, home of the U.S. Army Cyber Command of Excellence
  • Fort Jackson, South Carolina, including drill sergeants stationed at this training command
  • Shaw AFB, South Carolina, home of the 20th Fighter Wing
  • Parris Island and MCAS Beaufort, South Carolina, including drill instructors and other marines
  • Fort Bragg, North Carolina, home of the 82nd Airborne division and the XVII Airborne Core, including many troops with numerous combat deployments

Contact Our Law Firm For A Free And Private Consultation

If you are being court-martialed or administratively separated from the military in Georgia or elsewhere in the Southeast, contact William E. Cassara, PC. We can be reached by phone at 800-511-9293 or through our online contact form. Consultations are free and confidential.