Fraud & Larceny

Financial Crimes

One area that I have seen a significant increase in lately is the area of financial crimes.Many of these involve mobilized reservists who are unaware of what benefits they are entitled to and who get conflicting information from DFAS. I am a former Army prosecutor and defense counsel with over 20 years of civilian military law experience. I am an experienced and aggressive military attorney representing members of all military services. I have represented members of all services accused of larceny, BAH/Per Diem fraud or other financial crimes, and represented numerous service members on appeal of court-martial convictions for financial crimes.

I served six years on active duty in the Army JAG Corps and 16 years in the Army JAG Corps reserves.He served as a prosecutor, defense counsel and as appellate defense counsel.For more than 20 years, I have represented service members of all military branches in courts-martial, appeals of court-martial convictions, military discharge upgrades, administrative separations, security clearance matters, records correction, and all other areas of military law. While my background is with the Army, I have appeared in Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard courts. I am intimately familiar with all the service branches, and the subtle differences from one branch to another. While all courts-martial are governed by the Uniformed Code of Military Justice, there are differences between how each branch operates at court-martial.Mr. Cassara knows those differences.This is especially true in the area of financial crimes, where all of the services have different pay and entitlement regulations.In addition, I have appeared before the Army Court of Criminal Appeals, the Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals, the Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals and the Coast Guard Court of Criminal Appeals.In other words, I have represented members of all services on appeal of court-martial convictions.

Unlike their civilian counterparts, the military has seemingly unlimited resources available to them to prosecute financial crime and fraud allegations. It is not uncommon for the military to have 4 or 5 prosecutors or investigators working on a case, while you have only your assigned military defense counsel.That counsel frequently has numerous other responsibilities to deal with.As a result, they are frequently overworked and overmatched.The prosecutors will stop at nothing to make sure you go to jail for the longest time possible and get kicked out of the military. They will employ numerous experts and investigators at government expense.You have to rely on your defense team or hire an independent investigator.And if you request an expert at government expense, the prosecutor and Staff Judge Advocate almost always recommend that the Convening Authority disapprove that request, or accept some lesser alternative. Then you have to petition the Military Judge to force the government to pay for your expert.

I have handled numerous complex fraud and financial crime allegations, both at trial and on appeal. I have expert witnesses I have used in the past and been successful in getting the government to pay for. But having done several of these cases, I speak the language of the government's experts.So even without an expert we are ready to go to trial.If you are accused of larceny or fraud in the military you need an experienced military defense counsel. Don't trust your freedom to somebody who only dabbles in military law or is too busy to work on your case.

The government has an array of "experts" available to them.We have worked with several of the best financial crime and computer experts in the country and can usually force the government to pay for their services. I is important to speak to a military lawyer before making any statements.In those cases where there is a confession, we can still help.It is extremely important that the attorney representing the accused be skilled in not only evaluating the case, but also in pre-trial negotiations in an effort to secure reduced charges, sentence protection and a lenient sentence at trial.

Military personnel who are charged with or under investigation for larceny or fraud or any other financial crime need the immediate advice and representation of an attorney experienced in defending Internet sex offenses in the military. Military personnel who have already been convicted at court-martial for larceny or fraud or any other financial crime need an attorney experienced in court-martial appeals. A conviction for these offenses can not only lead to the loss of your career and significant confinement. I have been handling these cases for over 20 years. Contact me for a free consultation.

I have represented service members all over the world including, but not limited to:

  • Germany
  • Fort Gordon, Fort Benning, Fort Bragg, Fort Jackson, Fort Sill, Fort Bliss, Fort Campbell and many others.
  • Jacksonville and Mayport Navy Stations, Charleston Navy base, Washington Navy Yard and many others
  • Shaw AFB, Barksdale AFB, Patrick AFB, Luke AFB and many others
  • Coast Guard Districts of Miami, San Diego, DC and many others

Why You Need a Civilian Military Attorney

When the US military is against you, you're in deep trouble. Don't wait until it is too late to contact me.In many cases, we are able to stop the process before it even gets started. Before you make any statements, make sure you speak to an experienced military attorney.As you can see by my court-martial page, I have been very successful in representing service members world-wide.For a detailed explanation of how a court-martial works, see my court-martial page. Remember the prosecution has nearly unlimited resources to use against you.They believe you are guilty.That is why they are prosecuting you.They want you in jail and out of the military.Your military defense counsel simply does not have the resources the prosecution does.They have investigators, police, paralegals and usually several attorneys working to prove you guilty.You need the best defense you can get. While the prosecution office is usually full of experienced attorneys the same is not always true of the defense office.They are also terribly overworked, and have to handle a number of other cases and responsibilities. You have too much at stake to not put together the best defense team possible.CID/OSI/NIS will stop at nothing to get you to make a statement implicating yourself.They are allowed to lie, and will frequently tell you things just to get you to make a statement. Don't be fooled. Ask for a lawyer, and then call me.

What Civilian Attorney should you hire?

In my over 20 years of civilian military law practice, I have seen numerous former JAGs get off active duty, open a military law practice, and then close it.I have seen numerous attorneys who practice criminal law in state courts representing service members at court-martial, and I have seen attorneys with almost no criminal law experience practice at courts-martial.Do not make that mistake. Military law is not like other areas of criminal law, and is a unique system unto itself.You need an attorney with experience in military courts.Not an attorney who practices "Criminal Law."I have over 20 years of experience in private practice and in the military. I retired from the Army Reserve as a lieutenant colonel. I have the experience and will aggressively defend you. Everyone will tell you to just plead guilty and they will go easy on you.Call me first.

I have obtained acquittals in numerous high profile cases. See my "Recent Accomplishments" page. I have represented service members world-wide from all branches. You stand to lose your freedom, your career and your family.

One of the questions I am frequently asked is what factors one should consider in determining which attorney to hire. My usual recommendation is you should consider the following:

  • Experience
  • How much of one's practice is military law? In my case it is 100% of what I do.
  • Has the attorney represented service members of all branches? I have.
  • Is the attorney current on military law issues? Military Law changes. You need an attorney who keeps up on the latest developments.
  • Cost.Yes, cost is one of the things you need to factor in. My fees are competitive, because I limit my practice to military law.
  • Will the attorney I speak to actually handle my case?
  • Will the attorney who represents me be experienced in military law?

But the most important thing is how responsive is the attorney to you, and how comfortable are you with that attorney.If you can't reach your attorney, or they don't return your calls, that may be a sign that they have too many cases and can't devote sufficient time to your case.

If you are suspected of committing a crime, speak to an attorney before you speak to your command or CID/OSI/ NIS, etc.If you're facing charges, you need a military lawyer who knows the armed forces legal system and the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) inside and out. But you need more. You also need an independent counsel who's not tied to the military.

In addition to my trial practice, I am frequently asked to present Continuing Legal Education courses to active duty military lawyers. I have traveled to DC, Fort Bragg, San Diego and other locations teaching military lawyers. I taught military law at the University of Baltimore and University of South Carolina schools of law. I also attend annual military law training at various courses around the country. I have taught trial tactics and appellate law at the law school level, as well as military courses at the undergraduate level. I have attended training on sexual assault, drug cases, homicide and numerous others. I am more experienced then the prosecutor, your defense counsel or any of their investigators. I have cross examined numerous alleged sexual assault victims, expert witnesses and anything else the government will throw at you.

Success. While no one can guarantee you a particular result, one of the best indicators is past results.Look at my recent accomplishments page for an indication of what I have done for others, and what I can do for you.

I have handled high profile rape, murder, war crime and other cases. I have gotten results. I am experienced, aggressive and, perhaps most important, I am accessible. You will either speak with me when you call or I will call or e-mail you back if I am unavailable.You will not be waiting.

In many cases, I am not contacted until after a service member has been convicted at court-martial. I have appeared before the Army Court of Criminal Appeals, the Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals, the Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals and the Coast Guard Court of Criminal Appeals. I have appeared numerous times before the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces and practiced in the U.S. Supreme Court, Court of Federal Claims and Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.In other words, I have represented members of all services on appeal of court-martial convictions.

If you have been convicted at court-martial, you need an attorney who has experience in court-martial appeals. I have extensive experience in court-martial appeals, and have handled appeals of all types of courts-martial. While in the Army Reserves, I worked at the Army's Appellate Defense Division for a number of years. I have taught military and appellate law at the law school level, and am well versed in all current trends in military law. I have provided "Officer Professional Development" courses to appellate lawyers. Before you hire another attorney to represent you or your loved one in the appeal of their court-martial, ask them the following:

How many court-martial appeals have they handled?

Can they show you any successful court-martial appeals? If you go to my courts-martial appeals recent accomplishments, you will see that I have successfully handled numerous court-martial appeals, and succeeded in getting wrongly convicted service members out of prison and having their convictions overturned.

What is their fee structure? Because my practice is limited to military law, my fees are generally competitive.

How many times have they appeared before a military court of criminal appeals for oral argument? I have presented oral argument before the Army Court of Criminal Appeals, the Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals, the Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals and the Coast Guard Court of Criminal Appeals. I have appeared numerous times before the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, and have succeeded in getting several court-martial convictions overturned on appeal. In other words, I have represented members of all services on appeal of court-martial convictions and done so successfully.

If you or a loved one has been convicted at court-martial, call me for a free initial consultation. I have the experience and the knowledge to assist.