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If you have already appealed your court-martial conviction and lost, do not give up hope. The Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces (C.A.A.F.) is a court you can appeal to if you are a service member who has appealed a court-martial conviction in the Court of Criminal Appeals, and lost.

We can help you do it.

Seasoned Judgment In Civilian Military Law Appeals

Attorney William E. Cassara brings more than a quarter-century of experience to bear on your appeal to the C.A.A.F. Mr. Cassara combines his experience with a personalized approach to the practice of law. He works with you so you understand your options and how to choose from those options wisely.

To understand those options, you must have an understanding of the C.A.A.F. itself. The C.A.A.F. is a five-member court consisting of civilian judges who hear court-martial appeals from all services.

Unlike the Courts of Criminal Appeals, an appeal to C.A.A.F. is not an appeal "of right." In other words, C.A.A.F. does not have to hear your case.

As such, the first step is to file a brief with C.A.A.F. requesting that they review your case. If they agree, a second brief is filed, and your attorney then appears before the court for "oral argument."

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