Court-Martial Appeal Lawyer

If a servicemember has been convicted at court-martial, the case can be appealed. In many cases, the appeal is automatic. Spotting errors that occurred at the trial level is crucial to a successful appeal. We have successfully represented a number of military members on appeal (see our accomplishments page). We have experience before all service courts of criminal appeals, the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, Review by the Judge Advocate General, and the United States Supreme Court.

Our founding attorney, William E. Cassara, has represented numerous clients in all phases of the appellate process, frequently obtaining extremely favorable results. He has represented members of all military services, both on appeal and through federal litigation. He has a significant track record, and has been asked to teach classes to military appellate lawyers.

Appealing A Court-Martial Conviction

A large portion of our practice is representing military members who have been convicted at court-martial. The rules governing court-martial appeals are different for every service and complicated. If you or a loved one has been convicted at court-martial, you need an experienced court-martial appeals lawyer to assist you.

Probably the most frequent call we receive is from a family member whose loved one has just been convicted at court-martial. They are, of course, heartbroken, and want to know what they can do. What follows is a summary of the court-martial appeals process.

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