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Soldier exposed to multiple IED blasts in Iraq suffering from chronic PTSD placed back on active duty for disability processing

National Guardsman on active duty in support of military efforts in Iraq exposed to multiple IED blasts, including one where he received a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Soldier suffered from chronic headaches, depression, and PTSD after the blasts. PTSD was driving Soldier to consume excessive amounts of alcohol, which developed into pancreatitis. Army denied treatment for pancreatitis finding it self-inflicted because of alcohol abuse. After denial at all the military channels, Mr. Cassara filed a petition in the US Federal Court of Claims seeking relief on the Soldier's behalf. The government agreed to a joint remand back to the ABCMR, who agreed to reconsider Soldier's case. After another review, the Board found Soldier's PTSD directly linked to his combat-related operations, and causally linked to the alcohol abuse and pancreatitis. Soldier was placed back on active duty for disability processing evaluation.