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Retired 0-5 Prevails at ABCMR

In addition to our work in courts-martial, court-martial appeals, discharge upgrades, etc., we practice before all of the service boards for correction of military records (or in the Navy, Board for Correction of Naval Records.) These cases are diverse, and can range from removal of derogatory paperwork, to contesting dis-enrollment from ROTC. We recently represented a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel who was contesting a decision by DFAS denying him the right to change his SBP beneficiary from his former wife to his current wife. DFAS logic was that there was no proof that his former wife was still alive, which was a prerequisite for him changing beneficiaries. Just a bureaucratic mess. We traveled to NY, where we tracked down the ex-wife, and filed an affidavit with the ABCMR that verified she was indeed alive. It took some doing, but the ABCMR just notified us that they have told DFAS to fix the problem, and allow him to claim his wife of 30 years as his beneficiary for SBP.