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LOD decision reversed and Soldier placed back on active duty for Medical Disability Processing

National Guardsman on active duty for Special Forces training exacerbated unknown kidney disease from strenuous training. Ruled NOT IN LINE OF DUTY, and instead found to be a pre-existing condition thus disqualifying the Soldier from disability processing. Mr. Cassara filed an appeal with the Army Board of Corrections along with challenging the LOD determination at the Office of the National Guard Surgeon General. The Surgeon General's office reconsidered the Soldier's petition after reading Mr. Cassara's petition, and rendered a new opinion finding the Soldier's condition to be IN LINE OF DUTY. This new result allowed the Soldier to be placed back on active duty for one years time, temporarily placing him on the retired list while pending disability review board processing. Because of Mr. Cassara's efforts, this Soldier now has the potential to received a medical retirement for an illness incurred while on active duty.