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Former Marine’s OTH Discharge upgraded to General (Under Honorable Conditions)

Posted by: William Cassara On: November 9th, 2012

Mr. Cassara represented a former Marine Staff Sergeant who had been court-martialed and then administratively separated for fraternization and having sexual relations with two of his troops. The administrative separation ended with an Other Than Honorable Conditions discharge. Mr. Cassara succeeded in getting the discharge upgraded to General (Under Honorable Conditions) discharge, but showing that the Marine suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder at the time of the offenses, and had worked hard at getting treatment. As a result of his post-service conduct the Navy Discharge Review Board upgraded his discharge.

If you would like to discuss your military discharge with Mr. Cassara send him an e-mail at bill@courtmartial.com and provide a brief summary of your situation including what service you were in, when and why you were discharged, and the circumstances leading to your discharge.

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