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Civilian Employee's Security Clearance Reinstated

I recently brought attorney Ed Allan into the firm as "of counsel." Ed is a retired Army Colonel (U.S.A.R.) and retired civilian employee, with extensive experience in the area of security clearances. Since coming on board, we have had several significant wins in the security clearance arena. We have recently represented a Civilian Employee at Fort Gordon, GA, who was notified that his Industrial Security Clearance was denied due to outstanding debts as a result of a divorce. We put together an extensive rebuttal, outlining each debt, and how they were satisfied, along with evidence that the debts were incurred by his ex-wife. Today we learned that his clearance had been approved. This means he can go back to work immediately. As the client himself stated: Thanks for all your help! If I hear of anybody in a similar situation I will point them your way. This is a huge blessing!

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