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In Trouble With The Military?

When the U.S. military is against you, you're in deep trouble. Don't wait until it is too late to call William E. Cassara, an experienced court-martial attorney and former military lawyer. In many court-martial cases, investigations and Article 15s, he is able to stop the process before it even gets started. Before you make any statements, make sure you speak to an experienced military attorney. Contact our office at 800-511-9293 or complete our online contact form.

At William E. Cassara, PC, we devote a significant amount of the firm's resources to representing clients through the court-martial appeals process. If a service member has been convicted at court-martial, the case can be appealed in an effort to reach a more favorable decision. William E. Cassara has extensive experience before all courts of appeals, the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, and the United States Supreme Court.

Suspected Of Committing A Military Crime?

If you are suspected of committing a crime in the military or if you find out you are under investigation, the following information may be the key to your freedom.

  • Do not think you can simply "explain what happened" or "talk your way out of it." The military employs investigators who are experienced in making people talk and even making innocent people confess to crimes they did not commit. It is rarely a good idea to talk to the authorities. Do not speak to your command or to military investigators until you speak to an experienced military law attorney.
  • Say the following, "I don't want to say anything. I want a lawyer." Then call Mr. Cassara for a free consultation.
  • Do not speak to family or friends about your case until you have spoken to a lawyer.

If you have already made a statement to your command or to investigators, don't give up. We have obtained acquittals in cases where the client confessed to the crime.

Our firm's founding attorney, William E. Cassara, is a former Army prosecutor and defense counsel and has more than 25 years of civilian military law experience. He is an experienced and aggressive military attorney representing members of all military services. Call Mr. Cassara at 800-511-9293 to discuss your case. You will not speak to a legal assistant or paralegal. If he is not in, he will return your call and you will speak directly with an experienced attorney.

Your Rights – Don't Waive Them!

Every police drama or lawyer show on TV has something about "Miranda" or "I want my rights!" We hear about rights so often, you would imagine people know what they are and that the police would know to "give the rights." Well, TV and movies aren't reality. It never ceases to amaze defense attorneys how many suspects who have been through "the system" multiple times continue to waive their rights. Click here to learn more about your rights.

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If you have further questions regarding military law or defense, contact William E. Cassara, PC. We provide representation to clients worldwide in a wide range of matters. We can be reached by phone at 800-511-9293 or through our easy online contact form to schedule a free consultation.